Roger Coulon Extra Brut - Blanc de Noirs 2012

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This equal part Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier blend exhibits extraordinary depth and inimitable character—and leaves a deeply embedded crushed-mineral footprint. And while it is incredibly vinous and powerfully structured, there is always a pulsing elegance to the wine: Rainier cherry, acacia, plums, redcurrant, dried black raspberry, and honeysuckle glide out of the glass, followed by crushed stones, oyster shell, hazelnut, and subtle notes of exotic spice. 

Type: Champagne
Wine Rating: WS 93
Country of Origin: France 
Region: Champagne 
Alcohol by vol: 12% 
Volume: 750ml 

About The Winery

Situated in La Montagne de Reims region, winemakers Eric and Isabelle Coulon bear with passion the emblem of Champagne and keep the tradition on. Like wizards, between vines and wines, they blend wines and associate flavours. Each plot and each grape variety is pressed separately and then fermented in their own containers for maximum extraction. Only the first press is kept to ensure a deep concentration of flavours. Wines are then matured in stainless steel vats and oak barrels. A characteristic of Roger Coulon champagnes is that the first fermentation is triggered by natural yeasts without other additives. The natural yeasts tend to make the wines more uniform and emphasise the characteristics of the terroir. The ageing of the wines is also carefully considered; with the belief that long ageing guarantees quality and optimum maturity, the Roger Coulon champagne matures in oak barrels for longer than the minimum 15 months allowed. The Coulon family, also run a beautiful and charming boutique hotel Les Clos de Terres Soudees, making this a unique place to stay in Champagne’s vineyards.