Terroirs, Riesling 2016

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The Alsace region of northeastern France has long had a love affair with Riesling - its slope offer just the right amount of slate, sunlight, and cooling conditions to best nurture this varietal. The 2016 Riesling showcases this perfect partnership through balanced fruit and acidity, combining lemons, apples, and apricots with dryness and minerality. Ideally paired with oysters, lobster, or blue cheese.

Type: White 
Country of Origin: France 
Region: Alsace 
Alcohol by vol: 12% 
Volume: 750ml 

About The Winery

Terroirs is a contemporary collection of the most distinctive wines from classic regions of the old and new world. Blind tasted by our expert Sommeliers, this easy–drinking, excellent value range has been hand– picked for maximum drinking enjoyment. Sourced from the mountains of Burgundy, the hills of Tuscany, and the sea–drowned valleys of Marlborough, our selection captures the purest, most authentic expressions of the world’s best–renowned terroirs.