Takara, Sho Chiku Bai Gold Leaf Tokubetsu Junmai

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It is rich in umami, particularly when served warm, with the GinJikomi production style providing subtle, fruity flavors.

Served warm, this premium Junmai sake presents with aromas of warmed buckwheat, spice, damp wood and hot, briny water. Flavors of dried mushroom, spice and dashi prevail. As the sake cools, the flavor focus evolves toward a suggestion of wheat toast, accented by melon and salted Asian pear.

Served chilled, aromas and flavors of less intensity and a different character emerge; the sake becomes slightly fuller, with aromas and flavors of mineral, vanilla, custard, cinnamon, fresh dough and toasted rice.

The sake contains shimmering gold flakes and it is perfect for any celebration, or even as a gift.

Type: Sake 
Sake Scale: +2
Country of Origin: Japan 
Region: Kobe 
Alcohol by vol: 15.5% 
Volume: 720ml 

About The Brewery

Sake brewers since 1842, Takara are particularly well known these days for their Japanese mirin rice wine, cooking sake, plum wine, sparkling sake, and non-alcoholic beverages. Take your dishes to the next level by adding splashes of their high quality rice wines. If you are a cocktail fan, try making umeshu cocktails with Takara’s popular plum wines.