Highland Park 40 Year Old (Limited stock allocation, email for enquiry)

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First released in April 2008, HIGHLAND PARK 40 Year Old is batched in very small quantities with only 10 casks selected for each bottling – it’s the culmination of years of whisky-making knowledge and experience.

Described in Whisky Magazine as ‘an incredibly well drinking Highland Park… sharing some of the 18 Year Old’s refinement but taking it into a different league’, our 40 Year Old is both highly complex and beautifully balanced, a rich and luxurious single malt at once deep, aromatic and smoky, yet singing with the sweetest notes of soft toffee, dark chocolate and fragrant orange zest.

Type: Single Malt
Country of Origin: Scotland
Region: Orkney
Alcohol by vol: 48.3%
Volume: 700ml

About The Distillery

Highland Park was founded in 1798, by David Robertson. It is Scotland’s northernmost whisky distillery, lying just to the North-east of fellow Orcadian, Scapa. Orkney is a rugged, beautiful island and the Highland Park distillery sits on a hillside near Kirkwall. The sea beats the coast; her salty air and the island’s geology contribute to the rich character of Highland Park single malts. The distillery draws its water from the mineral rich springs to the east of the distillery as well as the Crantit Spring.