Gekkeikan, Kanjuku Umeshu Genshu

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Kanjuku Umeshu Genshu is made with the choicest Ume exclusively from the world-renowned Wakayama orchard in central Japan. Tender and succulent, the Ume are hand-picked at the moment of perfect ripeness (=Kanjuku). Subtly sweet, full Ume nectar with just a hint of fully ripened peach and pear tartness. Rich and full-bodied with a long, smooth finish. Truly delightful! Enjoy chilled or over ice, delicious with sparkling water

Type: Sake 
Country of Origin: Japan 
Region: Fushimi 
Alcohol by vol: 19% 
Volume: 720ml 

About The Brewery

When Haruhiko Okura, the 14th head of the Okura family and the current President of Gekkeikan, was appointed to his position in 1997 he established the core principles to be “Quality, Creativity, Humanity.” This was a clear statement outlining the values that the company had always tacitly understood to be part of their work over successive generations: quality above all, innovation and challenges, and respecting humanity.