Takara, Sho Chiku Bai Shirakabegura Mio

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A new sensation in the sake world but made traditionally with only rice, koji, and water, Mio's uniquely
refreshing and fruity flavor is balanced with a crisp acidity. Embodying the Japanese character ‘Mio,’
which evokes images of the delicate foam that emerges gently in a ship’s wake, Mio Sparkling Sake is a
light refresher that signifies a new wave for Japanese sake.

Type: Sake 
Sake Scale: +2
Country of Origin: Japan 
Region: Nada 
Alcohol by vol: 5% 
Volume: 750ml 

About The Brewery

Sake brewers since 1842, Takara are particularly well known these days for their Japanese mirin rice wine, cooking sake, plum wine, sparkling sake, and non-alcoholic beverages. Take your dishes to the next level by adding splashes of their high quality rice wines. If you are a cocktail fan, try making umeshu cocktails with Takara’s popular plum wines.