Château Gloria

The creator of Château Gloria, Henri Martin, was born in 1903. Henri Martin had a background in Bordeaux wine before his first birthday.

As Henri Martin was born on the property, obviously, Henri Martin was destined for a life in wine. Henri Martin certainly came from a wine family background, as his family has roots that date back to 1600’s in Bordeaux!

During the war, in 1942, Henri Martin purchased 6 hectares of vines located in the Left Bank in the St. Julien appellation. The vines were previously the property of Château Beychevelle. Henri Martin made the purchase on the advice of his friend, Jean-Charles Cazes.

Forty years after he founded Château Gloria, Henri Martin purchased his first Classified Growth, Chateau St. Pierre, also located in Saint Julien. Today, Gloria is managed by Jean Louis Triaud who is also responsible for managing their sister estate, Chateau Saint-Pierre.

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